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therapist websiteA website needs to present your practice professionally and stylishly. It needs to be able to expand with you, help you grow and change with the times. With years of experience working with private practitioners we know how the right website can attract new clients. Each site we design is structured to appeal to your viewers.

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Our articles are written by the Expand team which is comprised of professionals with a variety of experience including marketing, public relations, advertising, web design and e-commerce. All our articles are free and written for the purpose of education.

Website Makeover

Expand Your Private Practice Websites Tips and tricks to make a great looking site. A run-through of what to and what not to do with your website to make sure it's presenting your practice well. It may be difficult to gage web standards given that they change in the blink of an eye but here's a few things to look for and a few to avoid.

Website Makeover Full Article

Google Places, the New Yellow Pages?

Google Places article on Expand Your Private PracticeThe days of flipping through the yellow pages to find local business are numbered.  Today, it’s far easier to do a quick search online as major search engines continue to enhance their local indexes.

Google Places Full Article

Getting attention through an interactive quiz

Interactive QuizThrough my experience marketing private practices, I have rarely seen a tactic that works as fast and provides such dramatic results as an interactive quiz.

Interactive Quiz - Full Article

Using Facebook Ads to promote your practice

using Facebook ads with your private practiceEvery day millions of people are taking advantage of Facebook's cheap and easy-to-setup ads to help their businesses prosper.

Facebook Ads - Full Article