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therapist websiteA website needs to present your practice professionally and stylishly. It needs to be able to expand with you, help you grow and change with the times. With years of experience working with private practitioners we know how the right website can attract new clients. Each site we design is structured to appeal to your viewers.

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Facebook Advertising
Every day millions of people are taking advantage of Facebook's cheap and easy-to-setup ads to help their businesses prosper.

The Wall Street Journal estimated Facebook'sfacebook_ad revenue for 2010 was about $710 million and they're expected to break the $1 billion mark in 2011!  Where is all this money coming from? You ever notice those tiny little ads tucked to the side of your facebook profiles? They look like this:

Hard to believe these little boxes of virtual space are raking in that much cash but people are clicking them.  And everyone from huge fortune 500 companies to everyday small business owners are advertising with them.  Why? because they work very well.

Facebooks over 400 million users (5% of total global population!) spend more than 500 billion minutes per month on the site. Setting up an advertising account gives you access to this enormous user base.

Here's a few reasons to use Facebook Ads
  • Very cheap - Average price of .50 to .75 cents a click (based on ads I've set up for clients). Ads use a Pay Per Click system (PPC) charging you every time a viewer clicks the ad. Once clicked the viewer is taken to your website.
  • Easy to setup - You don't have to be Bill Gates to set them up.
  • Pin point who you want to advertise to - You can target groups of people by location, interest, age, sex etc.
  • They deliever results

I recently set up a Facebook adverting campaign for a client which worked out very well. 

A client was referred to me by an associate who I had worked with a few months prior.  She was not tech savvy and was a little intimidated but had a website and was interested in trying a new idea out so I made it simple for her.  I instructed her to write content about her practice including her specialties, who she typically works with and what her therapy can offer a potential client.

Taking this info I broke it down into a campaign.  One of the things that stood out from her writing was her extensive work with teens.  I quickly set up a campaign to target parents of teenagers since they are obviously the ones who seek therapy for their kids and pay the bills.  I figured parents of teens were between the ages of 35 and 60 years old so I targeted them in the parameters and also narrowed my target to people living with in 25 miles of the city she practiced in.  Facebook instantly computes the number of people you'll be reaching, in this case it was close to 200,000 users!  Now, not all of these users were parents but I'm willing to bet a good number were.  Finally I wrote a few sentences for the ad and added an image:

        Being a teen these days isn't easy! Is your teen struggling with school or friends? Counseling helps. 20 years experience - Her Name M.F.T.

We started with one ad.  Running it for a month cost about $40.  The first month she got a few messages through her websites contact form, one which turned into a regular client. A few more people called for more information but never fully committed.  That one client though payed for her entire advertising budget with one session.  After setting up the service I showed her how to start and stop the campaign as she needed.  She turns the ads on whenever she wants to get some more contacts. 

Here's a few tips to get you started on your campaign.

  • Your website must look great! When people click the ad they go to your website which directly reflects YOUR PRACTICE. Here's an article to help you out in that department: Website Makeover. If you need a website check out our Easy Site builder.
  • Pick a niche and advertise for each one separately. General ads for therapy don't work as well as ads for specific issues, like teen issues.
  • Make sure the link in the ad goes to a page on your website specifically about the issue.  For example Linda's teen issues ad goes to a page with content about her experience working with teens.  This is called a Landing Page.
  • Make sure contact info and a professionally taken picture of your self is included on every page.
  • Ads do better when they're classy and professional. Avoid gimmicky or tactless ads. Facebooker's are a sophisticated bunch.
  • Consider using an interactive quiz to get attention.
  • Use inspiring images. Avoid distasteful or humorous pictures

We offer a service to set up Facebook ads for you, which takes all this into account.  If you're interested in trying ads out but don't have the time or feel it's over your head contact us for more information.  Pricing is very affordable.  If you're up to the task feel free to contact with any questions and good luck.